Human Motion Studies


Human motion studies play an integral role in the development and refinement of orthopedic implants. By better understanding how the hips, knees, and other joints move, we enhance and expand our knowledge of predictive dynamics (anticipating how the body moves in a physics-based world), as well as how to better conduct orthopedic surgeries and motion-corrective procedures.

The IML has funded and/or participated in many human motion studies, with groundbreaking results proving time and time again that the best way to provide superior care for patients begins with a robust emphasis on research and development. It’s the reason that the IML receives worldwide recognition for its outstanding contributions in the areas of joint replacement, human motion analysis and sports biomechanics/injury prevention. We’ve also paved the way as an innovator in the growing field of computer assisted surgery.

To learn more about our latest human motion studies, or to request access to previously published academic works, please contact us today.