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“Motion and activity are the basis for longevity. Without them, life loses quality.”

General Alexander M. Haig, Jr.

“I have great faith in Dr. Andy Hodge and the Institute for Mobility and Longevity Foundation. The results provided by their strides in medical technology are such a benefit to our own community. I look forward to helping them better their lives as they expand the scope of their research.”

Gary Carter Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, NY Mets

“There is a profound hopelessness that comes when, at the age of 30, one hears that they need new knees but can’t get them until the age of 50. This is just not fair. At the time, all I could think of was, Hey, I hurt now. I can’t walk now. I could be dead in 20 years! I want my freedom now. Other doctors said that I would never walk again. Then I met Dr. Hodge. I have my legs and my life back.”

Cynta Gabreila de Narvaez