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The Institute for Mobility and Longevity was founded in 1987 by Dr. W. Andrew Hodge with the goal of creating an organization that supports the study of joint health, the innovation of prosthetic technology, and improved quality of life for each and every patient.

Since its founding nearly 40 years ago, IML has received international recognition and awards for its outstanding contributions, trailblazing novel pathways in the fields of joint replacement, human motion analysis, biomechanics, injury prevention, and computer-assisted surgery.

Through our continued work with patients, physicians, private donors, and advocates, we hope to continue providing superior treatments, technologies, and analyses for sustained orthopedic health.

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While the accomplishments of The Foundation since starting its work in 1987 have been extraordinary, it is only the beginning of what lies ahead. Over the next several years IML will move forward with new ideas, cutting-edge research, combined with a very aggressive charity programs to better position us for the important work that lays ahead. The future serves as an arena for both research advancement and anti-aging thus increasing health span_

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Innovations in Arthroplasty and Regenerative Approaches Dinner and Lecture

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The Institute for Mobility and Longevity is excited to announce that Dr Hodge has successfully been granted approval to present the E-Poster at the...

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Kevin Lobo receives Ellis Island Medal of Honor

The Institute for Mobility and Longevity acknowledges one of the greatest men in orthopedic healthcare, Kevin Lobo. Lobo has recently been recognized by the...

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